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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Useful and Informative Links

Links for Breaking News and Analysis Free From Mainstream Spin

1) Political Action and Human Rights Links
The headlines are maybe a bit raucous in tone at times. Rest assured however, that stories and pieces of news are well established at buzzflash days or sometimes weeks before the cable or your local print and air outlets ever pick it up.
As its slogan says, Conventional Wisdom Since 1865. Outstanding writers, inside the beltway information, and directions for direct action to politically minded individuals. I stopped reading major news magazines when i settled on this one.
Another good source of breaking news, way ahead of the mainstream. Particulalry admirable in the current, (10/14/04), controversy over Sinclair Broadcast Group, and in motivating people to action.
A regular antidote to the shallow reporting and intsitutional bias of mainstream media.
A dogged group of people who persistently check facts in mainstream reporting, with a special and well warranted emphasis on Fox. If you watch Fox News, you are 200% more likely to belive that WMD's were actualy found in Iraq, and you are 800% more likely to believe there is a link between Saddam and bin Laden!!
Human Rights Watch: One of the great underreported legacies of US foreign policy over the decades has been the ongoing and decades long support for brutal and oppressive regimes across the globe who happen to favor American coprorations. With limited exceptions during the Clinton Administration, this is the dominant theme of US global relations since WW II, and it continues to this day. Use this link to be informed as the US in the 21st century descends to new depths.
The US DOD has specifically stated that they will not do body counts in the most current Iraq war. Would it not make for more humane warfare to have some idea of civilian deaths, so crassly referred to since the so called First Gulf War as "collateral damage"? It is impossible to see the numbers of Iraqis killed, and not find the abusrdity of fighting a war with jets, against fertilizer bombs in automobiles.
Coomon Cause, Holding Power Accountable: Information on media, politics, special interest groups, and election reform among other things. One of the hallmark organizations doing its part to guard democracy.
Thoughtful articles on all manner of things.
Another good source for political news and analysis, without the conformity and compliance found on cable.
The History News Network, a very erudite group of academics posting essays on current affairs, placed in learned historical context.

2) Links on the Evils of Advertising and Consumerism
How arrogant can tobacco companies be? This arrogant!

3) Blog Like Me
Another new blogger that enjoys thinking about politics, music, and such.

4) Links for Following the Trail of Big Money in the Media and Politics
One of the biggest issues facing the US today is the increasing concentration of all news media into the hands of a select few giant corporations. Corporations with political agendas that are subtly, (and not so subtly), foisted upon an unthinking electorate. Republican administrations ceaselessly since Reagan, have eased the rules of ownership, thus lessening the ability of all Americans to get diversified points of view, instead of the right wing bias. This issue is huge, and will hopefully be addressed in a post on this weblog someday soon.
Media Reform Information Center: Tons of links to truly watchdog the media and learn about the sources and validity of bias and complicity in the USA today by giant media companies.
Who Owns What, from the Columbia School of Journalism. One of the best ways to get a real grasp on how it is that our information is being manipulated is to follow the money. Do you really think that GE, parent of NBC, and countless other examples give unbiased news and information, news that may hurt their share price on the DJI?
The website of the Center for Responsive Politics. Follows the trail of money in politics, what industries and companies are donating financially, how much and to whom.
Along the same lines as above, but with an emphasis on current occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Large corporate donors to the GW Bush 2004 campaign. Hey, even if he loses, these companies will surely always be backing the right anyhow, so you will always know who to boycott.
Advertising supporters of the Rush Limbaugh show, the evil, racist demagogue of the right who dropped out of Southeast Missourri State University after only one year and never finished.

5) Laugh if You Don't Cry Links
The transparent and patent idiocy of GW Bush is always funny, and tragic.
The sharpest eye seen in a long time to point out the terribly obvious absurdites of American political life. One could teaxch a course in modern political dynamics with Tom Tomorrow!