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Monday, October 18, 2004

State Department Covers Its Tracks: Breaking News?

A short time ago there was a posting at Democratic Underground, a marvelously active place for progressive people. ( ). The specific posting I am referring to was regarding the fact that the State Department website had not listed Iraq on its terrornet pages as a country in which al Qaeda operates. The State Dept page dated from 11/01.

The link for the discussion in DU is/was:

The link to the actual page at State was:
This page has been removed as of a few minutes ago, and gets a 404 error message about site reconstruction.

While, I have not viewed the total website at State often enough to be fluent, my 10 minute perusal tells me that "terror" as a term/topic is distinctly absent from the indexes and hyperlinks. What does this mean? Are they expunging the evidence? Are they deleting the evidence that even as our administration has been trumpeting the link between Iraq and al Qaeda, that our own State Department did not see fit to list Iraq, for almost 3 solid years now?

I discovered this while writing another posting on Colin Powell, and fortunately there is a copy of sorts of the original State department map and country list at the DU discussion link I noted above. This copy now seems suddenly very important to me.

Of course, the irony of Iraq not being listed was certainly amusing, given that the link with bin Laden was arguably the second most prominent reason cited in the run up to war. The irony is doubled however, when it is noted that the now missing, (but still viewable page, thanks to Democratic Underground), listed the United States as a country in which al Qaeda did indeed operate. As one comment at DU noted, "What do we do? Invade ourselves?"

Curious stuff, the disappearance of this page. I have just finished notifying DU and buzzflash as it seemed notable.

The Brad Blog Reports White House Website Also Being Expunged:
Pages, audio, and video about the coalition missing in an attempt to cover Cheney debate lies?
Revised: The White House materials seem to have been moved to a section of the Pentagon website.

See Also:
On the history of missing pages at the White House website.


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