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Friday, October 15, 2004

Upcoming Posts/ Works in Progress

1) Stop Sinclair Broadcast Group:
Sinclair Broadcast Group is the controlling interest in a string of television stations that reaches 24% of American homes. Very soon, in the last 10 days before the election, they have ordered their affiliate stations to preempt regular programming, and to air an anti-Kerry propoganda film entitled Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal. This biased film is being portrayed by their spokespeople as a documentary containing news of local interest, instead of as the naked political advertising that it is.

The FCC, with Michael Powell, (Colin's son), as the chairperson has refused to act on this isssue with respect to campaign law violations on equal time and fairness, (Gee, what a surprise), and the email addresses for Sinclair officers have been turned off. The only avenue remaining at this point to preserve the integrity of the publicly owned airwaves is to let Sinclair advertisers know of your distaste for this politically motivated ruse. Use the link below to send a pre-written email, to which you can add your comments, to all national advertsiers with Sinclair. Being an internet activist is the easiest way in the world to actually be involved in important issues, and it only takes 60 seconds to do your part on this naked ploy.

2) Our Sorry National Dialogue: Circular Reasoning is yet another skill that is taught in grammar schools. How is it that our national discourse allows this from the leader of the free world as support for the war in Iraq?

3) FCC Makes Founding Fathers Roll Over in Their Graves: Republican administrations since Reagan have ceaselessly tried to relax ownership rules for media outlets. As a result, our sources of information have become less and less over time. Our information is filtered and manipulated to reflect and reinforce the agenda of the military-industrial-complex.


  • At October 17, 2004 at 1:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    In his 2004 DNC opening remark John Kerry said, “I am reporting for duty”, it is imperative today for Americans to ask themselves exactly what that means. If John Kerry wins election in Nov it would be the height of hypocrisy for him to ask any man to die for something that he has readily deemed a mistake (Iraq). His very own words and actions from 1971 spell doom for our military defense.

    He was asked in the first debate about his comments from 1971 but he glossed over the question and never answered it. What he did say is this war is a mistake now, but it will not be when I am President. How does he come to this conclusion unless he believes that the military leadership day to day on the ground is prosecuting the war wrong and who would believe this conclusion. What is his strategy?

    In the first debate he talked of coercing countries by leaving the war on their doorstep is that what we want to do? He called the existing coalition the coerced and bribed but I fear his words mean he will coerce and bribe other countries to take a more active role and what if they won’t? He talked of dropping the war on the doorstep of the UN, in view of the Dulfer report that strategy is a plan for disaster.

    Our military leadership and our military servicemen who fight today for the cause of bringing Freedom and Liberty to the Middle East understand why they are fighting. The President has made clear his strategic goals of bringing peace to areas ripe with terrorists so that we do not have to face these terrorists at home in the streets and school yards of America. Our Military understand this cause and vision and a great leader has instilled in them a strong resolve to accomplish this goal. Our President has laid out a clear plan and agenda that attacks the terrorist threat at its core, you have to agree that the cause is a Nobel goal to bring Peace and Freedom and to end tyranny and oppression in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is the same strategic goal that we have had in every war that we have ever fought.

    Today on the eve of an election we have to ask ourselves key questions on where we want America to go in the future. In his most famous quote that has defined this man, in 1971 John Kerry said, “How do we ask any man to be the last man to die for a mistake” (Vietnam). In 2004 in the first debate John Kerry said the War in Iraq is a mistake. John Kerry says he will see this war to a conclusion but will the military follow John Kerry to that conclusion? What is the goal? John Kerry has not provided an end goal for that conclusion.

    He says he has a plan but he has not said he has a goal. I have looked through all the transcripts of his speeches he never once has mentioned that bringing Freedom and Liberty to the Middle East is his primary goal. He has never mentioned Freedom or Liberty once in all his rhetoric. Although many of our professional military that understand the Presidents goal, as Nobel, will continue to fight because they believe that George W. Bush is right.

    However, we have to ask ourselves at what level of commitment will we as Americans demand our servicemen to fight if we follow John Kerry to his conclusions of this war being a grand diversion and mistake. At the very least a Kerry Presidency will lead to our military fighting with less enthusiasm and some may very well put down their arms and walk away invoking their Commander In Chief’s own words and campaign rhetoric as their rationale. As our soldiers die in Iraq and our military falters from ambivalence, will John Kerry comfort the parents of these servicemen? What words could he use? Will he continually blame everything on George W. Bush? Could we blame the military if they refused to fight under the leadership of John Kerry? How could John Kerry hold them to account?

    One scenario would be that a large percentage of the military would simply get out at the end of their service obligation. John Kerry is trying to attract 40,000 more troops to sign on to the military. Who will fight for an anti-war activist who damaged his reputation and the reputation of thousands of war veterans all around the United States? Who would fight for a man that gave the enemy in 1971 for free what many POW’s suffered and died to protect? What happens then?

    Will John Kerry be forced to institute a draft? Will he be forced to turn over our military operations to the UN? Even then will the drafted fight? Will the UN wield the power of the US military? Has America even asked herself these questions?

    We are the most powerful nation in the world because we fight Nobel causes and we have the military strength to protect ourselves from those that would do us harm. Being an Anti-War Candidate and a prior anti-war activist in a time of war has extremely critical implications to the prosecution of that war. Both candidates agree this war must be won. Who has the plan and the allegiance of the military to win it? I have been looking to the media to ask these hard questions of John Kerry. The polling indicates that military allegiance belongs to the President. I have been looking to the media to hold John Kerry to some account for his anti-war activities in the early 1970’s and to bring this man full circle so we may see him for what he truly is. I have been looking to the media to help America come to some conclusions about this man that would be President. I am sure the press will get around to it eventually, right? What if they don’t?

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